>More finger trouble

Well, finger trouble seems to be reigning supreme. Hello has just refused the picture I want to send so I’ll try another, once again courtesy of the talented Mr. Morris. Happy Friday. If anyone has any record of the old sheweevil site can you contact me. Trying to put things back togerther is not that easy. Posted by Hello



  1. Ally

    >Can you ask blogger if they have a copy archived somewhere? I read a post from someone who’d done exactly the same thing, and the Powers That Be were able to re-state it all for her. Unfortunately though, I can’t remember who, where, or when :(.{radiating sympathy}

  2. She Weevil

    >I did and they said they were unable to help as it had been deleted deliberately albeit in a moment of scattiness. Thankfully I had a lot of it saved in word documents for my own records.Thanks for the kind thought waves and good idea.

  3. Ally

    >What a pain … :(. Since I lost a lot, though sheer scattiness too, I rough all my posts in text files, and then get blogger to email them to me when I actually post. It would be a pain to reconstruct it, but I could. The only other thing I can think of is if it achived off anywhere else by a search engine such as google. But I have no idea how the mechanics of this would work or even if it’s possible.Good luck!

  4. She Weevil

    >Thanks Ally. I’ve just tried googling the Ferdiand page and it’s there in the cache – at least I can see the format but recreating all the posts like that is going to be a bit too labour intensive.

  5. She Weevil

    >Thanks huffy – just tried but get all the google cache stuff. will save the may stuff and upload bits at a time.So you’ve got a blogger account when’s the blog going live?

  6. Badaunt

    >What a NIGHTMARE! You have my sympathy. Backing up is a good idea, huh? I have a backup, actually – at my other blog, which is exactly the same. I started the blogspot one because the other site kept going down, but found out I’d ended up with two separate but tiny readerships and ended up keeping both. I feel less stupid about this now.I’m glad the fish is back. I’m very fond of that fish.

  7. Rantz

    >Wow. This post made realise that I haven’t reaped my rantz for yonks. Must do. You can’t find it here and use it in the future.Whilst I’ve commented on my past success at backups you’re finger has helped me to remember that I need to do same for blogger – as I’ve got a SPAM blog* there – it’s the only thing on my domain that isn’t backed up on my computer. Thanks finger – but don’t do it again!The whole domain – fortunately – is backed up every hour by the hosting company I use.Still, I like having on my computer as well, thanks very much.Good luck in your re-building – I’ll see what I can find – if anytying – on my computer for you.Happy Gardening.Rantz*Yes, it’s useless, I know.

  8. Badaunt

    >Oh, and by the way, as if you don’t have enough to do, I’m tagging you for the film meme! (But you need a break, right?) Total number of films I own on DVD/Video:The last film I bought:The last film I watched:Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:Tag five people and have them put this in their journal:

  9. Erin Monahan

    >http://www.archive.org/web/web.php This is a site that archives all sorts of stuff, I don’t know if it will be any help but it’s worth a shot! It’s what I used to rebuild my web page when the server crashed and ate the whole thing.Sorry to hear the whole thing went poof, I’ve done it – actually it’s why I blog at blogger now, I was so discouraged about deleting my other on another server that I just changed spots all together!

  10. She Weevil

    >Thanks for all your suggestions – I will follow them all up a bit at a time – I’m also taking the opportunity (how positive of me) to tidy things up a bit.XXXXX

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