>Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

>Well after watching the worst Eurovison Song Contest I’ve ever seen and generally recovering from the trauma that has been the loss of my blog, I’m feeling a bit more like writing something.

We went to the allotment yesterday and planted some of the plants from the old house: Rosa ‘Jaqueline Du Pre’ and Rosa ‘William Morris’ plus the iris mentioned a couple of weeks ago on the dandelion entry. The iris seems dormant which is unusual for this time of year but it has been the coldest spring I can remember, not in terms of frost or snow but just in the constant northerly airstream. It is not unusual for us to be on the beach in mid-April to mark Arty Daughter’s birthday; not this year. Never has the adage “Cast not a clout ’til May is out” been more apt. It’s a bit chilly on the willy as they say in some parts.

Aside from that, things are actually growing and I am amazed. I’ve been quite successful with plants before but growing things from seed is a whole different ball game and even though it’s been really chilly things are growing. I’ll be getting some photos and posting them here this week. This year it is just a kind of utilitarian veg patch but next year I am going to go for the whole potager effect.

In addition to this I have been linked to by a local news provider. I’m not sure how this makes me feel. I’m pleased in some ways but maybe it’ll make me a little more circumspect about what I post – I don’t want to become chavscum’s most wanted.

It’s raining again, not the normal “here, have some water” raindrops but the big fat bastard “Soaked you!!” kind; the kind of loud, in your face, gobbing chavscum of a raindrop. The weeding will have to wait. I’ve got a windowsill full of things to be planted out soon but they are safe and warm where they are for the moment and there aren’t many slugs willing to brave the piss-stained entrance lobby or the broken alcopop bottles kindly deposited by some chavettes on Friday. It used to be that everyone stopped for tea – now it seems that you can’t go anywhere without you mango and passionfruit bacardi breezer. It makes drinking woodpecker through a straw seem a bit, well, amateurish.

I am not ignoring the movie meme but I think I have been tagged by three of you now and am fast running out of people to tag back. Will get my laughing gear round it a bit later on.



  1. Ally

    >There, you see, I knew that tagging you would stress you out! Sorry :(.I *love* jaqueline du pre, such a beautiful, delicate colour.

  2. She Weevil

    >Not stressed Ally – feeling fairly zen today – must have been inhaling too much of AD’s joss sticks.Mary – Miss Congeniality me. Will get it done tomorrow probably – not ignoring it, just thinking.

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