>Cats: to infinity and beyond …

>In memory of Ferdie and in light of the fact my tribute post to him was eaten by blogger (not fair was deleted inadvertently by me) I found this while schmoozing over on Britblog. There I found a blog fairly local to me: Big Magpie. I don’t like magpies and it is my only superstition really but I didn’t find anything sinister there, instead I found this. Cat-haters are probably well advised not to visit said link and at least it’s not a picture of my cat dead.



  1. Rantz

    >I don’t mind magpies except for the one that gouged a hole in the bag of my head in 1991 whilst I was in Canberra. Stupid me – I walked past its nesting area. Said hole didn’t require 23 stitches.

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