>Happy Friday – Friday Picture

Happy Friday, tout le monde avec theses plus tranquils. John Morris aka The Painter. Posted by Hello



  1. She Weevil

    >This was a comission done for me for my mum’s Christmas present. She grows some really fantastic plants in her garden (mostly in containers) including several very beautiful poppies.She also has some really beautiful lillies, roses and lots of other things that are great to paint; th only trouble is it is such a suntrap poor Jhnn gets burnt to a frazzle painting them.

  2. She Weevil

    >there are some tiny wild ones up at the allotments and they really gladden the heart evry time they see them. Now I have 4 of my roses there too!!!!!!! Hoorah!!!!!! not enjoying the move much yet but everyone has to keep fingers and toes crossed tat they will all be fine.

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