>A bit of a breather …

>I was going to spend the morning running about in preparation for my Mum visiting but she can’t come so I can take things a little more easily. I still have loads to do because the Artist has made excellent progress since the last update and on Friday he is coming home for a few hours with his occupational therapist in order to prepare for him coming home permanently next Friday. This isn’t certain yet but is looking likely.

Once home he’ll continue therapy as a day patient. His leg is getting good now and his hand is slowly improving but it will be a long slog. If you can imagine (or remember) waking up after having slept with your arm in the air – you know, when you wake yourself up by hitting yourself in the face – he’s got that kind of level of dexterity at the moment.

Yesterday I came home with such a big smile. I can’t wait for us to be a family again.



  1. Ally

    >I am so pleased for you all! It sounds like it’s been a really rough few weeks and it must be such a relief to feel that things are working out! [hug]

  2. Rantz

    >I hope the Painter is home by the time you get this. I’ve got a new job so I’m gonna buy a new painting in the new year. Woo hoo! Which one shall I choose, which one shall I choose, which one shall I choose?….Rantz

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