> I have to confess to being ever-so-slightly obsessed by MasterChef Goes Large at the moment and I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what my MasterChef two-course meal would be and I’m still not sure.

What would you make? Or maybe you’d rather boil your head than spend time in the kitchen.

If you are food obsessed like me then leave me your plat du jour in the comments.



  1. Raivyn

    >I don’t know.. I’m lucky if I can even make toast properly. But if I could, I’d probably make something with macaroni and cheese. I love the homemade kind.. especially the way my mother makes it.

  2. Ally

    >I have just made bolognaise sauce, with free-range steak mince, mushrooms, onions, spinach and fresh tomatoes. It tasted pretty nice. And then we followed it up with some *really* nice cheese.

  3. Badaunt

    >Very, very crisp bacon. :-)Seriously…? I am not a good cook, but my ‘asari’ (clam) spaghetti is pretty damned good. I’d follow that with the OTHER thing I do well – rhubarb and apple crumble, served hot with vanilla icecream AND fresh cream.Can’t get rhubarb here, though. The cream is rubbish, too, besides coming in such tiny packs and costing so much it’s hardly worth bothering.

  4. Annie

    >My kids tell me that I burn everything but it’s so long since I cooked for anyone, even myself, that I’m not too sure. I’m a bit of a foodie in terms of watching the cookery programmes and browsing supermarkets, but I tend to live on raw food, sandwiches or ready meals. I used to prefer baking to cooking, and also enjoyed making bread. These days I’ve barely got the energy to get it out of the bag! I love watching Masterchef Goes Large, and was very peeved when I slept through it earlier!

  5. She Weevil

    >Given you’ve only got an hour, I would do a kind of decontructed steak and kidney pie with fillet steak and pan fried lambs’ kidneys with a rhabuarb and ginger meringue pie.

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