>Dead Meat …


Well days of excitement have now culminated in this: a freezer full of dead animal. Well three dead animals, and some bits of other dead animals.

To be precise a lamb, two pheasants, some beef and some pork – there is a bag of frozen peas there too; wouldn’t want Gillian McKeith to have a complete heart attack, would we?

We decided to go with Lobbs Farm next door to the Lost Gardens of Heligan in the end and we are really pleased. Excellent value and friendly fast and efficient service.

We had really delicious lamb chops last night and I think the Artist has a tagine planned. The only downside will be not eating it all at once. The vegetable box from Riverford Organics is arriving on Tuesday and once again I feel like a kid with a new toy. The funny thing is I don’t even like vegetables.



  1. She Weevil

    >Thanks for the link – I will peruse it at my leisure later.The only conceivable problem is the courier they use. The woman who does it here (she also delivers for next and lakeland) actually got me to come and fetch my boxes the other day as she was having physiotherapy on her arm. I must have “cabbage” tattooed across my forehead or something. What induces someone to contract themselves as a delivery driver if they are unwilling or unable to deliver things.She rang the bell yesterday: luckily John answered – I was getting ready to go to work, so I hid until she had struggled up the stairs with the box. I know if we get them to deliver again next month it’s going to become an issue. Pooh!!

  2. Ally

    >It does seem madness that you can take on a job that you aren’t actually fit to do:(. Perhaps by next month her arm will be better … :/.

  3. She Weevil

    >Mary, it seems filthy rich to us too and we’ve been saving up for a few weeks. We knew we wanted a whole lamb which cost £97 and if you spent over £100 you got free delivery. There’s over a months worth of meaty tastiness there.I second your yummotion.

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