>Meet Catriona and her mate Adora …


The small ones on the left are the white skinned, purple eyed variety “Catriona”, the butch looking ones are a low carbohydrate potato (?!?) “Adora”, recently arrived from Thompson and Morgan.

The junk at the back is remnants of our neighbours’ decision to opt for a non-sustainable lifestyle. They seem to have replaced all the beds twice while we’ve been living here (just over a year) and have done in 4 or 5 vacuum cleaners.

As you can see, I have opted for the chitting option. Last year I put them in the ground unchitted and although Monty Don said on Gardener’s World last year that it made no difference, ours fell pray to drought last year so I’m attempting to give them a better start. Of course it all involves me actually going to the allotment which given the fact I haven’t been there since the Artist had stroke number two in Sepotember is bound to look remarkably like Borneo and not like suburban Plymouth at all. Infact it’s quite likely that I’ll uncover a missing pensioner in my quest to find bare earth.



  1. She Weevil

    >Dear Surrealo SonThank-you for the comment. It works better if you can refer your comment to the actual post.Well done for doing nothing to debunk the Surrealo epithet.Mum

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