>Some service disruption should be expected

The new template seems to have buggered everything up. In fairness it wasn’t the new template (which I have now reverted to) but the addition of all my gubbins to the new template. Ally over at Ducking for Apples recommended a tool which went completely over my head .

So I have taken out all my gubbins and will be putting it back in a bit at a time.



  1. She Weevil

    >I think the fault lies with my head, not with the tool. It did pick up lots of things but I couln’t work out what was wheat and what chaff.Is it working any better?

  2. She Weevil

    >Now checked it in Firefox and I see what you mean. If anybody knows what I’ve done please let me know. I’ve changed a couple of bits but it hasn’t made any difference in Firefox.

  3. KW

    >Hate to say it, but it still looks quite odd in Safari as well. God, I can’t count the number of times I’ve completely screwed up my template while buggering about with it, ostensibly in the name of ‘improvements’. Bloody frustrating, isn’t it? And I find I’ve never saved a safe copy first, of course, oh no…

  4. Ally

    >If you’d like to email the template over, I’d be happy to have a look at it, it’s the kind of geeky problem-solving I love … not promising I can sort it, but I reckon it’s something in the ‘body of your post’ bit.I think the truthlaidbear thingy *really* slows things down, too – I ended up putting it right at the bottom of my final column, so it was the last thing to load and could get on and do it quietly after everything else.

  5. Badaunt

    >It may be looking a bit strange, but it’s better for me than before, because I can now read the entries on your main page. I couldn’t before – had to click on each entry in Bloglines and load them individually.I’m happy!

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