>New template (reprise)

Sorry all, am playing about with the template again; not out of any personal sense of dissatisfaction but the fact that none of you could actually find my wonderful, witty prose was a problem. I felt like I was depriving you. Any feedback about how this one works would be welcome [DUCKS].



  1. Ally

    >That seems a bit more coherent – whatever you’ve done, all your posts are now directly following on from each other – before there was a gap as long as your side-bar below the first post before you got to the next post down.Does that make sense?And nice picture of a duck! 🙂

  2. Badaunt

    >Perfect! Even in my ancient browser on my ancient computer. And that makes me VERY happy, because sometimes when people change their blogs I suddenly can’t see anything, and I’m usually the only one who can’t, which makes me feel like a very inconvenient blog-friend…

  3. Badaunt

    >Oops. Spoke too soon… I can read your FIRST post, and part of the second. Then there’s a white blank strip through all the rest. I think it’s supposed to be a left sidebar…?Poor old computer can’t handle the changes…(But don’t worry. I can load each post on a separate page and read them that way.)Hmm, that’s funny. Reading your post ‘P*ssing down’ on a separate page the font is purple, but on the main page it isn’t. Which is the intended version?

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