>Friday Picture

In honour of the fact that it’s almost Spring (by my reckoning, bugger the Met Office) , I thought I would bring some blossom into your life for this week’s Friday picture – I’m not sure if this one’s even over at Minigallery which is featured in this month’s Women and Home.

The lighter evenings and brighter mornings are certainly lifting the mood here at Urine Towers and the ground will soon be warm enough to start working.



  1. KW

    >Yes, it clearly is spring (nearly) and bugger the Met Office. Pretty picture, by the way. Am I right in thinking you’re allotmenting because of garden restrictions of Urine Towers? If so, and you need seeds, Mr. KW and I have TEN TONS, so ask, and you may well be given.

  2. She Weevil

    >Hi KWOur allotment is due to the fact that our bijou residence in Urine Towers is on the second floor: we have a kind of balcony arrangement where we grow some herbs/tomatoes etc but most of our stuff is now grown at the allotment. We have two half plots and no room for a shed so this year I have ordered a lot of vegetable plants – more expensive but still cheaper than retail. I’ve still got lots of seeds left over from last year and got a load free when I placed my order with Thompson and Morgan. But thanks so much for the offer.

  3. Badaunt

    >We’ve had a few gloriously spring-like days, but from tonight the temperatures are dropping again. I’m not looking forward to -2 tomorrow night…

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