Searching for free knitting patterns on Saturday I came across lots of lovely things none of which happen to include the picture on the left. I’m not sure wheter the ears are real or are stuck-on felt ones and maybe this is a chimpanzee handler’s helmet. The V and A have a fabtastic knitting collection including some groovy original 1940s patterns all available to download. So if you want to get in the groove head over there and have a look.



  1. Badaunt

    >That is a really strange looking balaclava. Isn’t the point of balaclavas to keep the whole head warm, including the ears? And those are definitely real ears – the pattern tells how to make the ‘ear flaps’. (Maybe you can fold them back, in order to hear your superior barking orders at you…?)I Googled balaclava (using image search) and discovered that the original balaclava didn’t cover the face – but it definitely covered the ears. When I was a kid I really wanted a balaclava. I can’t remember exactly why. I think I had some idea that if I was wearing a balaclava nobody could identify me and I could do anything I wanted.

  2. Ally

    >Perhaps the ear-flaps are so that you can hear Jerry’s dastardly engines in the night? I have a whole Jurgen Procnow / Das Boot thing going on now.

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