>Friday Picture

Just to remind myself that spring is on the way despite the fact that the lurgy is back. I’m cold and shivery and feeling decidely miserable and disinclined to humour.

This lovely picture is by the very talented artist and lovely husband, John Morris. The iris was grown by the very talented and lovely wife, me.



  1. Cheryl

    >The most telling picture I have seen of your husband’s work, was the one taken at the gallery. With the chair parked beneath them, it really showed up how gloriously large and detailed they are and how one could light up a whole room.This is beautiful.Get well (again) soon!

  2. She Weevil

    >Thank-you all. I agree Cheryl, photos on a website don’t really do them justice. You are all very kind. You don’t have to comment about them though – I would imagine you were all getting rather sick of the sight of them. It’s just in case some Rockerfeller type happens across my blog one day while he’s (or she)twiddling his thumbs and decides he wants to become a patron of the arts.

  3. Stegbeetle

    >It is beautiful. Extraordinary detail and breathtaking colours.Hope you feel better (again) soon. I’m sure Ally makes lovely tea but if you feel like anything a little stronger…*hands poorly she-weevil a glass containing two fingers of a fluid with the warm amber colour of umm…something warm and amber coloured*!

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