I’ve been indisposed, sort of. I’ve been online but mainly climbing up and down my family tree which has me slightly obsessed at the moment. Hi Joanne and Lorraine if you stop by.
I was supposed to write up a visit we paid to Tanners restaurant and to update all you lovely people on the allotment and everything and there was the Friday picture I missed. Actually I did do it but the electricity went off just as I was about to post and when everything came back on I had been bluggered.
A very brief round up will therefore ensue, that way I might be able to get past this bloggage.

  • Allotment – not as bad as I thought; Parks dep have been stars and have strimmed and mulched with bark chippings the second plot we took over at the end of August just before stroke #2. One bench, a garden fork and a pair of garden shears MIA but apart from that all present and correct.
  • Tanners – fantastic lunch with excellent bottle of McGuigan Brothers 2003 Shiraz – super fantastic and belated anniversary present.
  • On the way back from allotment we arrived to find delivery man delivering 250 assorted Heuga carpet tiles that I bought as a job lot on eBay. We now have a very mental patchwork floor. It beats the brown tiles that we had put up with for 18 months.

I suppose I have been busy but my head feels funny again – stuffed up. So I apologise to anyone who has contacted me and been somewhat concerned (Ally, KW)



  1. KW

    >Ahhhh. Well, that explains it – stuffy head’ll do it every time. Glad things allotment-wise are looking up – wish we could get the council to strim our garden! 😉

  2. Stegbeetle

    >Have to confess, was slightly concerned by lack of she-weeviling. I’m glad you’re not dead too!Goats certainly more useful than sheep but will eat anything in their path!

  3. Ally

    >Also, we got the carpet tiles for the office off eBay, and whilst they are a rather startling shade of orange, they do the job of covering the floor very well.Posh todgers! 🙂

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