I don’t know what it is about my two boys about from some shared genes which gives them anything in common but for the last two weeks Surrealo Son has been training Lachlantheboy to sing bananaphone when the phone rings. He did this inanticpation of his and Arty Daughter’s trip to my mum’s and the Pavlovian response he tried to instill did not really work. This morning though, it was enough for Lachlantheboy to utter the phrase banana phone to set Surrealo Son off down the other end of the phone. This in turn made Lachlantheboy chuckle. He has the muckiest laugh in christendom and other places besides.

For your delight and edification here is the offending Harry Potter version (sorry the embedded video didn’t work):



  1. KW

    >For some reason, I couldn’t get the filmy thing to work. Damn. However, I do love the idea of the banana phone – must get me one of them! Or maybe you could give Ally one to replace her recently defunct one..!:)

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