>Friday Picture

Well this is the little darling that was supposed to go up last Friday before it got bloggered. It was done two years ago but for some reason has never made it to the Painter’s Minigallery site, for no reason other than it was simply forgotten. It somewhat unimaginatively called Tomato and is one of the Painter’s Fruit Pastels collection. Some torn basil leaves, slices of mozzarella and little balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing and it’s summer on a plate.
Not much time today, busy getting more carpet burns on my knees.
I’ll leave you with that thought.



  1. Badaunt

    >Heh heh heh…*ahem*Love the picture! I’m not really looking forward to summer, though, unless I manage to get out of Japan again. Summer here = hot, humid, mucky air, prickly heat, exhaustion… Ooh, should start planning now. Maybe I can pick up cheaper tickets to somewhere if I plan it early enough.

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