>RGU Blogging research

>I took part (as I’m sure did many others) in a research project on British bloggers earlier this year or perhaps at the tail end of last year. I received a follow up email today and post it below for anyone who is interested.

Dear blogger

you’ll no doubt recall filling in a questionnaire for a research project on blogging at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Your participation was much appreciated. Several of you said that you would like to be informed of the results, so I’m writing to let you know that Sarah Pedersen is giving a conference paper in Bulgaria in June. The focus is on the technical aspects of online communication, hence the slant of the paper. A summary appears on the conference website, http://elpub.scix.net/cgi-bin/works/Show?_id=213_elpub2006 . There’s also a link from Sarah’s webpage, http://www.rgu.ac.uk/abs/staff/page.cfm?pge=10843 . In due course, the full paper will be available online.

We’re also preparing to submit a paper to a journal, and have another one sketched out. Depending on where they are published, these should also eventually be available online.

Best regards

Caroline Macafee


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