>It’s not easy being green

You may or may not have seen the programme “It’s not easy being green” on BBC 2 recently. The post below (the one about the Strawbridge Smiley) is a tribute of sorts. Essentially, the programme is about living a more sustainable life. It helps that the family have moved to Cornwall (God’s country) and the village of Tywardreath in South Eastish Cornwall, within spitting distance of the Eden Project.

many will have seen Dick Strawbridge and that moustache before on Channel 4’s Scrapheap Challenge (various series) and I suppose it was the appeal of this ex-Army officer turning eco-warrior that appealed to me.

The series is sadly now over (another is in production). Sadly the BBC has no plans at the moment to release it on DVD. A little consumer pressure is needed, I’ll be bound. But the Strawbridge family do have a website here. There’s lots of information on there including courses to attend and a very new and active forum. Lots of great recipes ( including my curried parsnip and a new broad bean and bacon one never previously published), tips, advice and support.

The series veered away from preaching greeness and that is one of its winning ingredients; most of the advice is given and received in the same vein.

Go and pay them all a visit – they are a friendly bunch and like Sheweevils appear not to bite very often.

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One comment

  1. Ally

    >Luckily my mum-in-law has saved the series for me on video and is going to burn in on to DVD for me to watch … very excited :).

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