>LTB in dog bite drama


I’ve been a bit distracted. At the moment the whole world feels like a very hostile and unkind place and I feel completely overwhelmed. I will be about but there is just so much ruminating going on in my head that there is no other room for words.



  1. Stegbeetle

    >Poor little sod! Tell him I hope he’s OK and it doesn’t hurt too much.I hope you’re OK too. I know how this sort of thing shakes a parent up.As a dog owner I now have transferred guilt.

  2. She Weevil

    >Don’t have any guilt it was entirely the little sods fault and it was our dog. You remember the adage about letting sleeping dogs lie – this probably included not hitting them on the head with a carboard toilet tube wrapped hand.

  3. KW

    >Oh crap! That’s awful! I hope you kicked the offending hound down at least fourteen flights of stairs, before beheading its owner and sticking the head on a lamp-post.*thinks* Unless it was yours, of course… Either way, hope he, and you, feel better soon. Very soon.

  4. Anonymous

    >Oooh my, How painful for your son. Why do they call dogs a man’s best friend? I love animals but I really don’t trust their animal instincts. You never hear of a cat killing a child. I will pray for your son and his quick healing with minimal scaring. Also that he adjusts to the trama mentally. God Bless you all.

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