In my quest for all things “vanny” I stumbled across probably the most fantastic ebay listing I have ever read: ebay add. The sale has now closed so I’m not trying to flog you anything and I have nothing to do with this guy. Although if he had a blog I think I might have to pop in to see him every now and again.


  1. Paul

    >Ha that was my auction. Glad it brightened your day. It was a major success all-round. The hotty has sunlight in her living room (and is talking to me ;-)). The purchaser was very happy with it and is using it when he goes motorbike racing. I sent the proceeds to Lilac Moggie to use for her charity work and I have had a lot of very nice messages from people who had a good laugh. Best of all the girl friend is still very much THE girlfriendI did get bitten by the caravan bug though and now have a very nice Ace as well. Ace caravans really are Ace! Might bump into you on a campsite somewhere. You will recognise us by the rather large and bouncy Dalmatian. I like your blog. Might have to have a go at that sometime…

  2. Paul

    >I had a nice email from someone who had found your blog and followed the link to my auction. She emailed me through ebay to say how much she had enjoyed it. I followed the link she provided back to your blog. We live in a very interconnected world. Got to watch what you say out there 😉

  3. phdmonkey

    >This could be the start of a new trend – eBaylogging or something like that. Follow the ups and downs of your fave bloggers lives by the stuff they are selling!I reckon it could catch on. Best eBay listing ever!

  4. Annie

    >Loved it! He should start writing for a job, never mind a blog! And the proceeds went to charity. Hope you are ok. Have been a bad bloghopper recently. *Hugs*

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