>Down to earth … with a bump


So after returning relaxed and lovely on Saturday and having a very pleasant evening catching up with Arty Daughter the dog sitter, Sunday brought us down to earth with a bump. Chav Central, situated somewher beneath the delightful flat we occupy in Urine Towers, was busy all day with young men consuming (actually relatively small) quantities of Stella Artois and feeling only its detrimental effects accompanied by shrieking young women. I can only surmise they were quaffing fruit based drinks a la “The Pub Landlord“, probably Bacardi Breezer or something similar. These were having a similarly detrimental effect and very soon even more shrieking ensued and accusations and epithets were being bandied about with vigour. Bottles soon started to be dropped on the ground and we were quickly reminded why we had had such a good time in the middle of the countryside. I thought they had set in for the day but about 2 o’clock it went quiet again. Perhaps they had gone home for a nice Sunday dinner with their respective families I hear you ponder. Well that would be the conclusion any usual person might come to but apparently this wasn’t the case; they went somewhere else and got (allegedly) stoned and had a few more Stellas and then decided to go for a Sunday afternoon drive.

So all this seems a very long way away.

But it’s not too far away really as we are going down at the end of September. yay!!



  1. Stegbeetle

    >People who drink more than is good for them are such a pain in the arse, particularly those who become “rowdy” for want of a better expression.I don’t know, the young people of today! One sniff of the barmaids apron and they can’t control themselves. Stick to Lucozade, children.

  2. KW

    >Streuth. I was just wondering how things are going… Now I know! Glad the break had the desired effect, and good news that another escape is in sight.

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