>Say hi ….

…. to Jemima.
According to the blurb on Adtrader she is 16 weeks old. She seems to have a bit of everything in her but certainly a large bit of siamese. What they neglected to mention was that she had been mistreated and was VERY timid. She has spent the entire preceeding 24 hours under our sofa but seems to be coming around a little now.


  1. Ally

    >Aw, hullo Jemima! Simpkin spent the first fortnight we had him behind the sofa, swearing at us whenever we went in to the room. He’s a big softy now :).

  2. Cheryl

    >Aww big scary house with too many strange new smells – she’ll settle and then start claiming – our old cat had a thing for fresh laundry – especially if it was mine and even better if it was black. Smooth, washed and black = laid out for her to sleep on, she was convinced.Jemima looks ADORABLE! Congratulations 🙂

  3. Badaunt

    >That is such a great picture! She looks like a VERY ALERT kitten. I’m sure she will settle in just fine once she gets used to you and figures out where the food and cuddles are coming from.(Incidentally, is it because I’m commenting from Japan that your comment page in in Japanese? Is this a feature of beta Blogger? Or did you set it up that way?)

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