>Happy Christmas and welcome to the haggis….


…hunting season here.

Many, many apologies to all my blog friends concerned that something even worse had befallen me. Generally speaking, I have been simply too busy.

In an attempt to summarise and allay any further fears:

I had a caravanning holiday;I am very busy in my current two jobs;

I have another two jobs; three if you count the Money Programme inspired foray into the world of Avon (oh and I’m now a parent governor again);

I have been to London with Surrealo Son on a course called Informed and Influential for “young people”. He had a fantastic time, was interviewed by the local rag and I spent the day at the V&A;

There was another dogbite incident requiring hospital treatment and consequential putting down of old friend;

Subsequent interest from School;

Nativity and School Fayre and lots of meetings;

Not a stroke in sight.

Oh and a fight with an american woman over ebay but apart from that nothing much on.

To all my very good and faithful friends, sorry for worrying you: I’m a very lax and bad blogger.


  1. Rantz

    >You’re not a bad blogger – you’re just a busy blogger. Everything made sense to my eyes but “V&A” when you and Surrealo Son were in London?Welcome back!

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