This week has been a little like gifts from the magi, not, you understand, that anyone has delivered gold frankincense or myrrh, but in the surprise of a series of small silver linings.
In global terms, or even in normal terms, I have achieved nothing but for me I have been able to move forward on things that have felt impossible for a long time.
Next Wednesday I have my first ever driving lesson and today I am contacting a guy called Barrie in Saltash about a new allotment through landshare.
The kitchen is sorted, the washing, whilst not in any way under control, is atleast in some sort of attrition. I feel like I am winning small battles instead of constantly losing the war.
I am sure that once I get my hands back in the earth, the world will seem a better place. Those of you who know me, know that I am not at all new-agey: too buttoned up to be barefoot but there are fundamental things that I believe people should do for their own wellbeing, and growing things is one of them.
I am also trying to do a little writing to let out some of the torrent of feelings in a controlled way, so I’m afraid you may have to deal with more of my musings than you have been accustomed to.

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