Big fat rain drops are exploding on the roof of the shed.  It was forecast and we have had the odd shower or two since we returned home from the caravan back in April but I suppose I have become unaccustomed to it.  Some of the drops looked almost hail-like in their density.  The garden is getting the good soak it needs and it may be saving something over at the allotment – I must go this week and see what there is to be salvaged and make a decision about it.  The potatoes should be coming on and the broadbeans too, depending on what the dry has done to them.

My OU stuff arrived and I have filled it in and sent it back.  I just have to wait now to see if I am accepted on to the course.  They want to see a copy of my Academic Transcript; as far as I know I never received a copy of it and neither did John, his.  I wonder if any other Marjonites of our vintage received theirs because they would now like £12 for the privilege of supplying it to me.  I’m not sure that I want to be reminded quite how badly I did on the Language Studies component, I think all my marks were thirds in the final year, including interestingly my dissertation which was later externally moderated to a 2.1.  Not that the ELS department had a problem with me or anything.

There were extenuating circumstances but to be quite frank, I’m not sure that my dissertation supervisor actually believed any of them.  To be further frank, he was a bit of a git.



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