Great Bake-in

The weekend bake-in has begun with a round of chocolate butterfly cakes with coffee icing.  The recipe is from Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium (1957), my cookery bible which I have used since I was a little girl and have known all my life.  I’m doing these today because John loves chocolate and coffee but it is nobody else’s favourite.  I don’t really count as I’m not particular: I love everything!  I have a new piping bag and nozzle set (this one, here) and I’ve been itching to try it out since yesterday but with moving mountains and ironing this is the first chance I’ve had.  The icing set needed a cake stand like this.

Tomorrow I will be making banoffee pie, not much baking really required but the delicious end result almost qualifies it.  Sunday is the marathon.  I was going to make bridge rolls but taking up the offer to bring some home from work on Saturday by Arty Daughter seemed too good to pass up.  Coconut macaroons will follow; I once visited a ‘bakery’ in Plymouth who had never heard of coconut macaroons, needless to say, they are no-longer trading.  Choux buns or eclairs to follow, then a nice moist fruit cake – a boil-in-the-pan recipe, finally a carrot cake, courtesy of Delia.  The addition of Surrealo son at the table, who returns from his hectic social whirl in London tomorrow, will make our little band complete.  I hope wherever you are and whoever you are with, you have love and good things to eat.

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