Remember …

Television is often trivial nonsense and I am not averse to throwing myself headlong into great oceans of banality; alongside the banality, though, I like a healthy dose of the affecting, the stimulating or the inspiring.

I knew that the programme I watched last night, Alex: a life fast forward,  would touch me but I didn’t know how much it would affect me or indeed inspire me. 

It seems like along time since dad died; I suppose it is.  2002 feels like a life time ago. It is hard to remember that we had a whole two extra years that none of us expected.  In those two years we made the most of the time we had; lots of visits, lots of parties, my dad felt the bump that would become Lachlan (then, douglasbeanbaby) something he never did with my other pregnancies.

Sometimes life is long and hard, sometimes short and sweet but mostly a combination of the two.  I know I need to remember that life is for the living, loving, laughing and crying.

Watching the programme made me think of Christina Rossetti’s words


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