When you grow up with this as your local beach, why would you want to go anywhere else?

I suppose that I was spoiled as a child by the beautiful beaches I grew up within walking distance of.  As a consequence and perhaps because I don’t really “know” the place I have lived for the last 17 years, I have neglected the surrounding beaches and my children’s enjoyment of them. 

For many of the reasons sited in the posts below, we won’t be away this summer and so a stroll to the beach above is not an option – we are making the most of being at home and doing days out instead.

Last Sunday was our first local foray to a beach and we chose the beach at Wembury.  It was an overcast day and I hoped this meant that the beach wouldn’t be too full.  It was busy but not bursting.  The beach is a small cove with a National Trust carpark (£4 for a Sunday – not sure if this is different at other times) a gift shop, cafe and toilets.  There are rock pools to explore and the Mew Stone ( a conical island) sits just off shore.  There’s some sand at high tide and the beach is shallowly sloping into the sea.  There doesn’t seem to be any lifeguard cover here – perhaps someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

There also seemed to be quite a few dogs on the beach.  Not sure of the rules for beaches in Devon but for most beaches in Cornwall this is a no-no between Easter and 31 October.  Perhaps I’m a fascist but I don’t think the beach on a hot summer’s day is the place for a dog, anyway, they were there.

Lachlantheboy had a great time and the cove is small enough to feel like you can keep your eye on anyone who might need it (errant kids or even husbands).

Tuesday saw us at Bigbury on Sea, across the sand bar from the Burgh Island hotel, we went with family and with three members of the party having had strokes, the flat beach was good but the access to the beach is quite steep either by steps or a steep slope.  Parking here is in the municipal car-park (South Hams) and is £6.95 for the day.  Again there are toilets, gift shop and cafe and across at the foot of Burgh Island is the Pilchard Inn which looks lovely but went untried given our newly abstemious ways.  There is a cheaper car park on the way down to the beach (£3 for the day) but this was too far for us to walk.  The beach is beautiful white sand and does have RNLI lifeguard cover, at least in the summer.

Beach adventures wil continue I hope, but this week we will be off to try out Tinside Lido for the first time.  Coming soon – perfect picnics


  1. Sally Wingate

    Oh, I completely agree! We were very spoilt and didn’t realise. Now, 40 years later and living on a different continent, I still have to be close to the sea. This time I do realise how lucky I am, and despite temperatures in the high 40s, I drove down to the beach this weekend, had a two minute splash in the bathwater temperature sea, dashed over the burning sand and still came away with a smile on my face!

    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      Lovely to hear from you, Sally. Your life seems to have taken a rather more exotic tack than mine but I read that we share a common interest – The Archers! Hope you are keeping really well.

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