Wait for it…

As sure as death and taxes, Christmas is coming, the goose is fattening nicely and the old man’s hat is filling so rapidly with coin of the realm that there will soon be no room for his head. 

The Phoenix Christmas range is coming too, but not until tomorrow so you will just have to wait.  Yesterday I did my first event a very tiny, titchy car boot sale at the YMCA in Honicknowle.  I was very nervous ahead of it as I had never even been to a car boot sale and although no one could describe it as Sale of the Century it did quite a lot for my confidence.  The stand looked nice and I managed to chat to people without feeling like I used to feel when I had my business.  Hard to explain but at least I know what I mean.

We have spent an interesting week touched very slightly and vicariously by the glare of the media spotlight; it has given me a whole new appreciation of the machinations and impact of our appetite for the solacious. 

The beautiful weather has been a real boon – it feels like the holidays have really begun and we’ve already done two trips to the beach and have more in the planning stage.  We are also planning to go to Tinside Lido for the first time.  If anyone else has been recently please let me know what it’s like.  Have a happy Sunday.

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