I have spent the last week stuffing, twisting and manipulating a variety of shapes and fabric to make an other variety of things which to me, at least, are beautiful.  Most of them are currently listed over here; if you like them it would be lovely for you to favourite them there.

Today though I have been wrestling with scraps of dupion silk, polyester wadding, silk twist and small gold coloured bells to create the yummy wreath pictured on the left.  I did a bigger one last week in a rose bud sprig but this, perhaps because of the fabric used, maybe because of its size or perhaps the self coloured bow, is just so much more delicious.

To make you need three strips of fabric, approximately 4.5 inches by 22 inches.  You need a nice deep seam allowance as this is stuffed firmly and my rosebud one burst due to inadequate seam allowance.  I used approximately 1/5th of a Morrison’s value pillow of stuffing.  The tubes were machine sewn, then stuffed and plaited.  The ends were sewn by hand with the old fashioned silk twist due to its superior strength.  I was luck to be given an old sewing bag with about a dozen old wooden bobbins in full of loveliness.  I used another strip of my lovely remnant to make a self coloured bow.  The wreath was then garnished with some small gold coloured bells and finally I made (with my new found crocheting skills) a little god hanging loop.

I am waving vigorously at Ros over at rosmademe and tentatively at, hopefully, new friends at Handmade Monday


  1. Wendy

    Hello and welcome to Handmade Monday – lovely to have you join us! I’m waving back! 🙂

    I love your little wreath and will pop over and have a look at your other makes later. The idea of using a value pillow for stuffing is an excellent one – brilliant tip, thanks.

  2. RosMadeMe

    Glad to see you on here Fiona! I really like these *stares at picture to work out how Fiona made the wreath… then dashes off to Morrisons* Welcome to Handmade Monday 🙂

  3. Susie

    This is lovely. Years ago my sister in law made something like this for me, and I still cherish it! Thank you for the explanation on how to actually do it. 🙂

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