Till Love and Fame to nothingness do sink

Nothing new with me  and a melancholy air.  Thanks to Colin over here for nominating me as a Versatile Blogger.

The Autumn storms this week and being amongst them in our tiny boatlike caravan provides intimations of mortality aplenty but an afternoon spent with scores of a few old friends and childhood faces, but mostly strangers, singing my heart out for the man in the wicker casket cannot be beaten if you need a reminder that we are here for the briefest of blinks.  The flowers were beautiful on top of the lovely coffin – I’ve only seen traditional ones before.

I am sad that you are gone, Paul Bryant; 51 is a cruel age to be taken from your wife and two young children – I didn’t know them.  You are a smiling face from my childhood, dark and dishy, you always took life by the scruff of the neck and managed to build and maintain relationships with people from everywhere you went.  You were a lovely, lovely man and I really missed you and your smile on Thursday.

If  you knew Paul, his family have asked for donations to Cornwall Hospice Care instead of flowers; Paul was supported by them during his fight with pancreatic cancer.  My love to Sue and his children, to Pauline and Sid, his parents, and to Jason and Sarah.


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