Handmade Monday 42

It’s only a few weeks since the summer holidays ended; at that time I couldn’t crochet.  Wool just kept slipping round and round my hook; every attempt to make a stitch ended up with split yarn and more knots and holes than nature ever intended.

The internet is a wonderful thing.  A friend pointed me in the direction of Attic 24 and Annie’s lovely creations made me determined to succeed.  She recommended a book Learn to Crochet by Sally Harding and with a that book, the excellent instructions on Annie’s website and looking at some videos on youtube, I finally succeeded.  It’s only a few weeks as I said but I’ve become somewhat obsessed.  In addition to blankets, bags and hats in a variety of sizes and styles I have now completed a lady’s shrug.  It’s  a gift for someone special and it’s completely handmade from another book called The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller.

Please visit my talented friends over at Handmade Monday and look at the crafty loveliness.



  1. RosMadeMe

    Oh my giddy aunt, you have really conquered the crochet, what a fabulous shrug… I am amazed that you are letting that leave the house! Well done, it is really beautiful and you should be extremely proud.

  2. Charters

    Well done, love the ‘shrug’, I’ve never mastered crochet … have had a few half-hearted attempts though. Must take a look at that book, if that’s the sort of thing you can produce. Thanks for the links.

    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      The Learn to crochet book is excellent; the Happy Hooker is equally excellent but has American crochet terms, so requires a bit more thinking but they are just different names – once you can do the basic stitch you can do it. I found a chunkier wool with a smooth finish really helped to be able to see the individual stitches, I had been using leftover 4 ply before and it was too fiddly and thin to learn with.

      Thanks for your lovely comments – give it another go; I’m now smitten.

  3. mcrafts

    Totally love the shrug. The colour is great too. Will have a look at the books you suggest (I’m a self taught but not sure on the different stitches) Mich x

  4. Anita Mistry

    Looking at that lovely shrug one wouldn’t have known that you have only just learnt how to crochet if you hadn’t mentioned it. Congratulations you’ve done a great job. One day I will re-learn how to crochet.

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