Paws for thought … handmade Monday

Not really sure why I missed last week, a quick glance at the bottom of the post will show that I have actually been busy crafting.  Some things, are a bit secretive so I will write and leave draft until the big day to prevent letting cats out of bags.  If the one to the left was bigger I’ve no doubt you could put one (a cat) in there  – if you were very brave … or very stupid.

This is my latest creation.  In cotton newspaper and lined with white polar fleece.  The black cord is enclosed in some red satin binding and it closes with a spring toggle.It is 18cm x 10cm and will fit most makes of phone and evenglasses and sunglasses.  The drawstring will hold the contents snug and the polar fleece will protect from knocks and bumps. You can buy it here.

This as well as my other items are available in my etsy shop, which has some cards which may appeal to those of you who love needle crafts, like me. There will, by the end of the day be some silky ones too!

My thanks to Wendy whose Handmade Monday concept keeps me producing on a regular basis – go and check it out over here


  1. RosMadeMe

    What superb fabric…they will go like hot cakes, methinks! I have to send off a secret Santa this week and I have just found the inspiration… but I cannot reveal it either!

  2. Jill

    As well as your planned use, I think they make gorgeous gift bags – I can imagine a nice piece of jewellery in one with my name on. Looking forward to the cat being let out of the bag – haven’t said this aloud as my Jazz and Daisy would be jumping up and down on me.

  3. Jam Dalory

    Those bags are really cute and useful for so many things. I’ve not seen newspaper print fabric before! I too have a couple of Christmas gifts I cant wait to blog about but can’t until after the big day. Its almost like waiting to open your own presents isn’t it! x

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