Hannah’s quilt

I have been quiet for a little while because I have been busy finishing things, cleaning things, cooking things and eating things not necessarily in that order.

At the end of November I had the brain wave to make something I hadn’t attempted before for the main Christmas present for my daughter Hannah.  She has wanted a traditional quilt for a long time and I was actually looking to buy her a handmade one but the ones I liked were out of my price bracket. So I decided to make one.  I took some advice from Ros as to whether it was feasible to complete by Christmas and then set about looking for fabric.

I started with ebay – my starting place for most things in life if I’m honest – and was suddenly immersed in a world of baffling new terminology: fat quarters and fat eighths, jelly rolls and charm packs, layer cakes and honey buns.  There are more but it’s all just a bit baffling still.  Definitions can be found here, at the Moda Bake Shop.

The idea of precut fabric really appealed and anyone who has witnessed me wielding a pair of scissors will understand why.  That line, the one you’re supposed to stick to, is there apparently only to serve as a punctuation to my wiggly cutting.  The idea of precut anything is very appealing.

I chose to make a single bed size and worked out that I could make one with a jelly roll (4o 2 1/2 inch strips, 45″ wide) and two layer cakes (packs of 42 10″x10″ squares).  I found some I liked on ebay from a seller in Redruth which meant I wouldn’t have to wait for it to ship from America.  I chose a pattern called Full Circle shown below:

Once the bundles arrived and I could see what I was dealing with, I worked out a design, in Excel naturally:

The finished quilt is actually a little different, the dividing grid is all butterscotch, with black squares at the intersections and the outside border is red.  I have a few pieces of fabric left over but not much.

I decided to make the whole thing in cotton so the batting (or wadding), the backing fabric and the thread are all cotton.  This means that it should all shrink at the same rate (it will shrink a bit Hannah).  I ordered Warm and Natural batting from Amazon: for their biggest size it was about £20 which compared very well to all the quilting sites.

Actually starting to sew it was quite scary; I suppose I was scared of making a mess but there is nothing like a looming deadline to focus the mind.

It was edged in black cotton bias binding and all hand quilted with echo quilting and heart designs.

It is, I hope the first of many as I’m more than slightly obsessed now, in fact I have two quilt tops waiting for edging fabric and batting.  There will be more pictures if the light ever gets any better.  Patience is a virtue 🙂



  1. RosMadeMe

    I think that you did a fantastic job… how long before your family got the dining table back when you were sandwiching your quilt? How long before we see a smapler quilt on here?

    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      There are more in the pipeline and more fabric on the way – I thought wool was the crack cocaine of crafting. A very happy New Year, Ros, gave an owly knitting needle case to my niece for Christmas – she’s 8!

  2. TheGoodNewsFamily

    Lovely, Fiona! I hope I have a season for quilting again in my future. My last serious project wrapped up when our first was thinking about crawling. I dropped everything else and spent three weeks getting a wall hanging hand quilted. That was, gasp, nine years ago. It’s been too long!

  3. Handmade by Claire Bear

    I also have wiggly cutting issues, but I’ve got a lot better since I bought a rotary cutter and the biggest cutting mat I could afford (A2 size, it’s seriously huge, £8 in The Works). As long as I don’t cut through a fold, I’m fine now.

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  5. Barbara

    Fiona, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Hannah’s quilt and your “about” pg on Etsy. I plan to return here to read more when I have time. It’s fun to have friends across the pond. : ) I have been intending for a while now to go back to making baby quilts. I haven’t made any for a long time. I always loved the hand quilting part of making them. Then I began having trouble with carpal tunnel. I didn’t like machine quilting so I just stopped making the quilts. My sis and her daughter are coming next weekend for a few sewing days. We are planning to get some tops made and hopefully some quilting as well. It may be machine quilting, but I’m over the dislike of that now, so it’ll be good.

    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      Thanks Barb – sorry not have replied until now. I’m in a bit of a funny mood. It would be lovely to be able to quilt with my sisters but it’s not really a thing here – not a social thing, anyway, more of a solitary pleasure. I must get back to writing. There has been lots of pressure this year and, the blog got a bit stuck in the middle of it all. I’ve had an interesting few years if you feel like wading through it. Hope things with your GS are improving.


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