I normally like to show you something finished for Handmade Monday but due to a TMD (a Thread Miscalculation Disaster) on Friday I couldn’t finish quilting the top of Ruby although, as you can see, significant progress has been made.  The thread is now on its way from Cottonpatch.

I haven’t quilted this by hand, I’ve used my new toy: a free motion embroidery foot for my Singer 1507NT.  I haven’t followed the usual rules about not going over the lines and perhaps it looks a little messy to some but I’m pleased with the overall appearance and the back looks as good as the front.

What I did finish was the quilt label – I wish my photography was up to snuff but you can just about make out my name.  The date I suppose is somewhat premature but it has to be finished by 2 February (as does Oops a Daisy) as I have a Craft Fayre on 3 February.

I have finished a couple of other things in the last week as well – and they will be adorning my stall too; they are all available for sale in my etsy shop as will my Phoenix Trading cards.  Let’s pray for some good luck and some good sales – the washing machine died over the weekend and this morning we found a puncture on the car!!!


It is the coldest day of the Winter so far – I woke up cold and thought the heating had failed to come on – it was on just not making much impact on the frosty morning – wherever you are keep warm and enjoy the sunshine and if you want something to warm the heart go and visit the talented crafters over at Handmade Monday 49.



    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      I thought about changing thread to white (it’s quilted in a variegated oyster grey Gutermann Sulky (who new they had thread to fit my demeanour) because patience is not a virtue I have in abundance. But instead did the sensible thing and ordered some more and now just have to wait ….. thanks for the lovely comment

    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      Hello Alison
      It took me an afternoon to piece the patchwork then all day Friday to put the border on, sandwich and quilt it. I would have finished that on Friday if it hadn’t been for the TMD. I have made my own binding for it so I should be able to bind it in a morning. In future though I will be thinking more about designing a pattern, the random look is lovely but I would like to be a bit less haphazard 🙂

  1. Cameo

    I want to try free motion quilting. Even disobeying the “rules”. I have only done straight line. I don’t think my machine is capable.

    The quilt looks phenomenal! Love your colour choices.

  2. Susie

    Well, I usually end up with an empty bobbin, which may not seem a big deal until you realize I still have to get my book out to figure out how to make the machine wind more on! LOL But I understand, however it’s just awesome! Great work. 🙂

  3. diane

    oh no! How annoying! Well it looks super! I to have just started using a freehand embroidery foot on my machine too, quite difficult to get the hang of!!

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