Oops-a-daisy Baby – Handmade Monday 50

I’m very excited.  Oopsy daisy is finished – yay me!  It’s made from a charm pack of Moda Oops-a-daisy designed by Keiki, about a yard and a half of matching yardage – I chose the ladybird on cream ground design – if someone knows the name – I would be delighted to add it.  It was going to be bound in plain red bias binding but due to my own inability to read a product listing correctly, when I went to collect the binding from Hulu Crafts in Modbury, I discovered it was not the right depth to bind my finished quilt.  A rummage (well it was actually a bit more dignified than that but you get the idea) through their collection of fabrics drew me to the red spotty Marshmallow and Cherry Eggs by Momo for Moda  and I bought a metre.  I have used about half so will be able to incorporate it with some of my other scraps to make another quilt top.

I was a bit worried about it clashing with the cream ladybug pattern but although the reds are not an exact match the range of other colours in the quilt make it an acceptable “happy accident”.

The finished quilt is approximately 32 x 38 so would make a lovely cot quilt and could be used as a play mat.  It has been machine echo quilted but the centre has a hand quilted heart motif where a baby’s initial could be added if required.  It has been washed on a gentle cycle and line dried – although given the weather today, I’m not quite sure how!

It has a quilt label in toning colours with my name and the year.

In other news, the thread from Cotton Patch took over a week to arrive – I didn’t pay for the express delivery so perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised but it does irk me when companies take over a week to actually despatch something.  I know it wasn’t their most lucrative order ever but  I have spent quite a bit with them in the last few months. Whine over.

I’m a little early posting for Handmade Monday (well early for me anyway – and apparently a bit too early for Wendy, too) but I’ve got a busy week and the opportunity for crafting may be limited to Monday only this week – so I’m trying to save it. to try and finish Ruby – if I get her done I’ll try and post pictures too.  I’ll add in the link later because all those talented people are well worth a visit.



  1. quiltaholic

    I had the same problem this week with CottonPatch and mine was a big order so I don’t think the size was the issue. I think they must have had a show or something as they are usually quite good.
    I rather like your ladybird fabric. I haven’t seen that one before.

  2. Wendy

    I love the quilt and the ladybirds fabric is a gorgeous finishing touch.

    So sorry about being late to post. I’ll try to be on time next week 😉 (bizarrely, organising next week has been on my mind all week because I might be away from home!)

  3. Susie

    I surely love your happy accident! That is just awesome. The colors and mix of patterns are perfect for a young baby, as they love to look at different colors and bright things. In fact it’s so good for their growing brains. Did I mention that it’s awesome?

  4. Jam Dalory

    That quilt is gorgeous. I hate waiting for things to arrive too, quite often though I’ve found that things i’ve ordered with normal or free delivery seem to turn up quicker than those for which I pay the extra express delivery! x

  5. Ali - Ali's Craft Studio

    Congratulations! Your quilt is gorgeous. I am the most impatient person when I order anything and am convinced that (like the age old ‘watched kettle’) they take longer the more you are desperate for goodies to arrive!

    Ali x

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