Because I care – featuring handmade Monday

I admit it.  I have been a little distracted for the last couple of weeks and have not really settled down to writing .  The whole business of the previous post discomfited me and the issue of the house I am trying to no-longer think about.  This is odd as it has been the one beacon of solace for so long.  I should have known better …

Whilst I have not been busy blogging, I have bee busy with other things – meet Pavlova, my latest creation which has kept me occupied along with another two quilts, Trip and Dolly Mixture which should be done later this week.

In other news, I have been out to a Carers’ Ambassadors meeting this morning.  Carers Champions are a not for profit organisation representing and helping carers in the Plymouth local authority area.

If you are a carer and live in Plymouth have you heard of them?  Have you had any help or assistance in your role?  Have you had a Carer’s Assessment by the local authority and if so what has been your experience of the process?  Any compliments – any concerns?  I am meeting with the local authority on 3 April to provide a carer’s perspective and would welcome local input and even experiences from further afield.  Leave me a comment or if you prefer not to leave it here, email me at  I am attending the Carers Champions drop-in on 5 March in Plympton to ask carers there about their experiences and would love to hear from anyone who has experience of this, good or bad.

I can tick this off today’s to do list and pop over to Handmade Monday to see what Wendy and the gang have been up to.



  1. RosMadeMe

    Another simply super quilt, you are making fab items 🙂 How do you fit in the caring ambassador role too? I hope that the housing situation resolves itself soon, chin up!

    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      Thank-you! You always pay such lovely compliments, and its all your fault – I never would have tried quilting if you hadn’t been encouraging.
      Have you noticed a theme? I spend a lot of time distracting myself…. 🙂

  2. Caroline

    Obstacles are sent to overcome and you are doing very well, love the quilt. Caring is not easy have been through it with my Mum whom sadly died in 2006 and more recently DH’s Mum who is now in a a home. Sometimes you can feel as if you are hitting your head against a brick wall and things are not moving as fast as you would like. I know the powers that be have hundreds on their case files but as a carer you are very alone and all you want is help from someone who understands and can put procedures in place to help.

    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      Thank-you Caroline – I have found the Carer groups very helpful. Having little family in Plymouth and John being comparatively young has made things all quite difficult but really I’m quite buoyant most of the time – caring certainly beats the alternative.

      I haven’t yet got to the stage of having to comtemplate care for a parent – my mum cared for my dad before he died and she is comparatively young and fit.

  3. Jill

    The role of a carer is very much under-valued and those not involved tend to not realise just how hard a job it is. I hope the Carers Champion drop-in goes well – look forward to reading in your blog all about it. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Carol

    love your panel, I am making afew panels myself at the moment so I might just borrow your idea but in dif. colours as it looks so nice.
    Regarding caring, I think I could write a book. It started off with my MIL, then my Mum, Stepdad, and now I have two very aged aunts who have no family. One 87 and one 91. I am also a volunteer with Age UK but have been having a rest from that one for the last few weeks.
    There is a huge need for people like yourself so keep up the good work.

    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      Thank-you Carol. I suspect you are not in Plymouth but have you been offered a Carer’s Assessment at any stage? I’m interested because Local Authorities have a statutory obligation to identify carers and, where requested, provide a carer’s assessment, separate to that of the cared for, to identify carer’s needs, ability or will to continue caring and identify possible support needs and health issues.

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