Paint the whole world with a rainbow

As you know, to say that I have become quilt obsessed is something of an understatement.  This has now extended to making treasuries on Etsy too – although those pictures look kind of quilty too.  The commission for the table runner and placemats is underway for a Mrs B of Tavistock and I attended a much better Craft Fayre on Saturday organised by Year 6 of a primary school; they had even arranged the Military Wives Choir who sang right in front of my stand and were wonderful.  My latest treasury is called “Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow” some of you may remember this phrase, fondly or otherwise!  There’s nothing of mine in there just beautiful quilted items from my fellow Quiltsy team members.

This last week I have been making a Noddy quilt from panel I found on Ebay and have upcycled – it was sold as new but I think has been cut down from a duvet cover?  Anyway, I’m delighted with the finished item which is here:

 The quilting on the back looks lovely too.  The dotty blue fabric is from the Maisy Mouse range by Andover fabrics – I think this is now discontinued but in the depths of deepest Devon, Ashburton to be precise, can still be found.  There are more pictures here, in my Etsy shop.

In other work the tea cozy at the top is made of Domestic Bliss by Moda charm squares.  I used six for each side, pieced them by machine and then wadded and backed them with a pink gingham check.  I used a tea plate to round off the corners and then quilted both sides in a simple diamond design.  I bound the bottom edges of the front and the back before constructing the cosy and then pinned the two pieces together and machine sewed the binding to the top seam.  This was then hand finished on the reverse.

If you would like full instructions – leave me a comment and I will see what I can do – it’s simple and fun to make and sits nicely on my 2 pint pot.  I’m over to have a gander at the clever new things over at Handmade Monday.  You should go too.



  1. Handbagsbyhelen

    I don’t quilt myself – yet – although I’m itching to have a go! Will go take a mooch around your easy shop.

  2. Pickle-Lily

    Yet more fabulous things! What an amazing craft fair to go to. Looking forward to seeing what you make next.
    Jo x

  3. mcrafts

    Gosh what a great craft fair to get the Military wives. I not a quilter (not that I wouldn’t love to try it!) – Your Noddy quilt looks lovely. Mich x

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