I’m 43.  I have grey hair which is dyed back to it’s original red, freckles and I am something of a towering inferno, being over six feet tall.  I am married to my lovely John, an artist, who is at present recovering from his fourth stroke which has left him with left sided weakness and some frontal lobe damage which have combined to change our lives forever. 

I have three wonderful children, two grown-up ones who are making their way in the world and a clever, funny and infuriating eight year-old who believes he really does know better than anyone else on the planet. 

I have three cats and an elderly dog and a variety of past-times most of which see me hankering back to yesteryear.  Knitting, cooking and gardening are chief amongst them; crocheting seems to have passed me by.  I would probably spend a lot more time doing these if I spent less time on the computer.

I have recently started to sell greetings cards and hope that this may be something that John and I can do together when he is a bit better.  He is hoping to do some illustrations in the autumn.

I may seem a little maudlin – this is just my bent.  My glass is almost never half full and at the moment it certainly has nothing interesting in it and hasn’t had since 7th May 2011 (oddly this is my 23 first wedding anniversary).  I am hoping to have nothing interesting in it for the foreseeable future.



  1. Annette james

    Have been reading your blog and am struck by the similarities, in particular your husbands stroke. I suffered one in Feb ’09 and have rh side weakness and speech impairment. Life goes on though!

    • fionamaclachlanmorris

      Thank-you for commenting Annette, it does go on, doesn’t it? I hope you are recovering – that goes on too!! I am very grateful that John’s strokes have not affected his speech centre as, on top of everything else, that would have been very difficult. Do you get good support in terms of therapy? Thanks again for visiting, I will be reading even more avidly now 🙂

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