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Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

I actually managed to finish her on Monday but owing to the dismal weather and me being involved in lots of voluntary things this week, it has taken me until now to post here.  I am very pleased and also a litlle bit bemused as to why these quilts have adopted genders!

As said before Ruby is made from 1 charm pack of Moda Ruby with 5 inch border of an aqua and cherry fabric from the Ruby range.  this has also been used for the backing fabric.

It is bound in an ice blue plain cotton from the Bella solids range.  I don’t have a particular thing for Moda although I do love their fabrics but I’m trying to make my quilts work together and at the moment I lack the experience to be able to tell if different manufacturers’ fabrics will work as well together.  I’m playing it safe, if you will.

It is stipple quilted in the colourful central panel in

my own unique messy style using a variegated pale grey Gutermann Sulky thread and in places it has been unpicked due to tension  problems when I was nearing the end of my reel.  It looked more like crochet than sewing. The batting is Warm and Natural.  I’ve used it for the others too but again this is down, really to a lack of experience in anything else.  Another happy accident.  It seems to be well regarded but I just found it originally at a good price for what I wanted (a cotton batting).  I thinking of using Heirloom wool batting for commissions – I suppose that depends on the price the client is willing to pay.  I have one in mind for myself which will use wool batting and William Morris fabrics.  For our new house 🙂 .

I am satisfied with the overall standard of finish.  I just have to work out now how much to sell them for.  I have a craft fair next Friday at the Roland Levinsky Building in the University of Plymouth and would like to get them on my etsy shop over the weekend with some other bits.  So if you have any experience in this (pricing quilts for sale) please contact me.  Ruby measures 36″ square.  It has been washed and has that slightly wrinkled quality that I love.

I’m currently working on a new project for next week’s craft fair and will hope to post the results on Sunday for next week’s Handmade Monday – next week is busy again with a day at Bristol with the Phoenix team, a day interviewing for this voluntary thing I’m doing and the Craft Fair on Friday – I think Thursday may be a bit fraught.

Phoenix January Launch

As well as making lots of lovely things I am happy to be an independent trader for Phoenix Trading and I sell their beautiful cards, gift wrap, stationery and gifts   , sometimes with my own stuff and sometimes on there own.

There are five new product launches a year with the biggest being in January and before Christmas.  If you missed the beautiful Christmas stock why not have a gander at the lovely new and wonderful existing ranges over on my trading site – delivery is free and you can pay by paypal, cheque or cash in person.

Are you in or near Plymouth? Why not book me for a party or fundraising event?  Leave me a message here or on my trading site.

Email me your name and address with the subject line Phoenix to fimacmorris@aol.com to be entered into my January Launch Draw for a chance to win a £10 Phoenix Voucher and a small handmade gift.

There are some lovely cards and accessories suitable for your Valentine or anyone else in need of some love and our blank Chocolate Bar card just needs the addition of the words “love you more than chocolate” to be the highest compliment anyone can pay.  In our house we normally say dust because we have so much of it.


 So after my last little splurge I have been quite quiet and unsettled.  Life, I suppose, is all about change and sometimes those changes are not comfortable even if they are inevitable.  I have taken the last few weeks to think about the future in a way that I haven’t done for a long time and with a clarity that has been absent for even longer.

We can’t change what has happened but we can change with the way we deal with the future.  Instead of accepting the world and what it does to me, I have decided to make my future happen.  Some of you will think this very odd as you have been doing this all your lives but it’s new to me.

I have a new website  over at Phoenix Trading; the thing that sparked our interest is that they are looking for artists so that would give us something we could do together from home.  If you follow the link here and then click through to my “about me”  page (at the top in the middle)  there’s a link at the bottom to a youtube video about this – do you know anyone arty?  There’s lots of info on my site but do check out the cards and gifts as they are beautiful.  I’m just waiting for my start-up kit to arrive and I’m unbelievably excited – can you tell.  If you know of any events – church fetes, playgroups, coffee mornings etc, etc who you think would like my cards and gifts please leave a comment. Any ideas welcome and I know you wonderful people are full of them.