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Disappointment seems to follow swiftly on the heels of disappointment in my little life.  Closely followed by a swift kicking .  Are you detecting a particular tone to this post?  Sorry about that.  It seems that despite suggestions from our social landlord that due to our circumstances we may be eligible for an early move it now seems that we are not and that by the time we do move there will be none of the new houses that are suitable and adaptable left.

I know I shouldn’t have trusted the woman in the office gotten my hopes up but I just wanted something nice to look forward to.

In an attempt to cheer myself up I was playing old TV themes – it’s a game we used to like to play, our own version of Name That Tune, but during the course of this little interlude it emerges that John can no longer remember that Jason King drove a Jensen Interceptor.  The only reason I have ever heard of a Jensen Interceptor is because John used to bang on and on and on and on and …. about Jason bloody King and his Jensen bloody Interceptor.  I feel bereft.

I have a lovely report from the lovely psychologist to tell us that actually after all the brain mashing John is still average with some particular difficulties thrown in for good measure but was highly superior before.  I had actually worked that one out for myself but ho hum.  There are whole chunks of our life and of his own that he can no-longer remember and every time I am confronted with it I feel gutted again.  It is almost seven years since this nightmare began.





We received some limited information, over the holidays, about the next steps in the neighbourhood regeneration programme.

They are inviting us to apply to the local housing register, which I did back in December just to find out how the new system was working, so at least I have reduced the forms left to fill in in my life by one.

We are finally getting out into the garden which we have ignored for the last two years due to weather, ill health and the crushing sense of defeat brought about by the fact that we are going to loose our home.

We should be grateful for our social housing, and we are, very, and it is not the loss of the the house that is the issue but the loss of our home and the disruption that this will inevitably mean.

The plans for the new estate, which can be found here, look lovely; I’m not hoodwinked into believing that this is not a land grab, however the houses all have dining kitchens – something we don’t have at present, which will mean a lot to us. They are also future proofed with level thresholds, gardens, planning for adaptations etc; having three strokes now under our belts this seems like a necessity, a point I will be stressing in our face to face interviews.