Handmade Monday

My photo doesn’t really do it justice because this little picture and the others like it are, to me, little miracles.

I went to meet a new friend on Saturday; a lady I’d never met before and only briefly spoken to on the phone.  Somehow we had found each other – we are broadly the same age, broadly similar levels of education but the thing that binds us is both our husbands have had strokes and those “brainquakes” have devastated our lives; we both have small children.

I won’t begin to bore you with the minutiae but if you would like to see how strokes affect younger people and their lives have a look at the Different Strokes website: www.differentstrokes.co.uk.

John has now had four major strokes and there doesn’t really seem to be an end in sight, so it’s a bit like living with a time bomb.

The little miracles are currently being painted by him for my craft stalls – the miracle is that there is enough of him left to achieve this.  These can be found (along with equally bad photos) in my etsy shop over here, and examples of his work especially before his strokes can be found over at www.artbyjohnmorris.co.uk.

I’m hoping that Wendy over at Handmade Monday won’t mind me including these.  Go and check her things out and all over the other lovely Handmade Monday club items


  1. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    Well done to your husband for sticking at it. The nice thing with painting and most other crafting is there is no time scale to it so if he needs a break he can ‘down brushes’ and carry on later. Well done to you too for finding someone you can relate to and talk too.
    His paintings are lovely.

    Take care

    Jan x

  2. RosMadeMe

    Fiona, I am really sorry to hear this… but my goodness doesn’t your other half do a brilliant job. I can only imagine how proud you are of his achievements 🙂

  3. Susie

    His work is wonderful. I know brain things are difficult. It’s hard to imagine dealing with this with children also. God bless you, I hope things can change for the better. Hugs to you.

  4. Stephen

    Sorry to hear about your husband. To have had four strokes and still be able to paint wonderful things like this shows he must be a fighter and will keep on going to the very end.

  5. everygirlsstoryEvery Girl's Story

    Well, you’d never know from looking at the picture that it was painted by someone who had had even one stroke! I know from my father and stepmother’s experience that it came be distressing and hard work for all involved. Sending good thoughtd your way!

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